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The desire for a more sustainable future covers many facets of our everyday lives. We openly welcome new individuals and perspectives to help educate readers on the various complexities surrounding the eco, ethical, green, and conscious spaces under the umbrella of sustainability. As a member of the SCC you will have access to brand partnerships, events, exclusive workshops and talks, and more as well as having your content amplified across several channels while retaining exclusive rights. We invite influencers, bloggers, and digital content creators who meet the following criteria to apply and use their voices to bring about positive change. 

  1. Minimum one year work contribution in the sustainable space producing original content under your own name.
  2. Production of and ownership of the rights to your work,
  3. Dedicated platform where you work is showcased. This can include but is not limited to a website, video channel, and/or podcast platform,

*Each new member submission is taken under consideration by an advisory board. Please be patient while we review your application

*The SCC does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, gender expression or orientation, ethnicity, national origin, sex, religion, or physical or mental ability. As a coalition, we understand the fight for a sustainable tomorrow must be represented by a multitude of voices, backgrounds, and perspectives.

*SCC is an English language platform. In the future we hope to accommodate additional languages when resources allow but are unable to do so at this time.